Hate Speak For the World to See

I have to admit that one of my many, many guilty pleasures is reality TV. The trashier the better, it makes for fun conversation fodder and helps me forget about the drama and stress in my day to day life. After all, the dramatics on the Real Housewives of (insert any city anywhere) is quite funny to watch. This season, I have gotten into Big Brother – a new franchise for me. And I have gotten an earful of “scary” remarks from the contestants.

Having lived in different places in the US, I have seen and heard firsthand accounts of racism, homophobia and general bad comments related to gender, ethnicity and race. As an HR professional, I have actively worked to help reduce – and hopefully extinguish – this type of activity in the work place. Well, this year Big Brother has brought these types of comments and feelings front and center for all of America to see. According to some blogs I have read (yes, I have to read about what Perez Hilton and TMZ have to say about it), three of the contestants who were major culprits with using the hate speak have had negative employment actions happen to them as a result of what they said in the Big Brother house.

The Big Brother house is available for your viewing pleasure 24/7 on the network’s website and anyone can sign up to watch the “showmances” and alliances to their heart’s content. I don’t know if the contestants don’t realize that America and the world is watching or if they are so wrapped up in their little world that they let their feelings go. There have been many comments made that are hurtful, stereotypical and sometimes filled with pure hate. Ironically, those contestants who have lost their jobs due to their mouths will not find out about it until they are evicted. Not only do they lose their chance at the grand prize of $500,000, they go home to no job and a community that has heard what they said.

I wish I had the ability to video and record employees speaking with each other so that I could use it in investigations. I am sure employee relations would be easier! Until then, I will continue to watch the antics of Big Brother until the season finale. I hope I get to see those who said these things go home. I will sit on the edge of my seat each week to see if they are voted out.

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