The Twitter

Generational viewpoints and issues are not limited to the workplace. The melding of the generations happens everywhere and has no boundaries. In the workplace, the generations can be at odds or in harmony. Out in the world – people are freer to be who they are and want to be. When people are free to be themselves, there can be friction. People can rear their ugly head in the oddest of places or can bring eye opening realization just in time. Have you ever waited in line at the deli counter at the local grocery store? You will see some amazing things. People watching is great, isn’t it?

Here is a good generational story that I experienced. I just got back from a nice weekend in Sarasota, FL and encountered an interesting group of people sitting next to us at dinner. One of the things I like about Sarasota is its casual hodgepodge of generations. It never fails me. So, at dinner the table next to us had 2 ladies and 1 gent, all probably in their 50s. (Yes, Baby Boomers). They were having a spirited conversation about the singer and her band and started talking about the way music used to be. One of them had found that YouTube was a good way to find some of their favorite music. The other two were entranced. Then came the question – one lady asked the other if she used, “The Twitter”. At this point they realized that I had overheard them and the lady who asked shouted to our table, “Hey do you use The Twitter?” To which I replied, “Why yes I do.”

After a good laugh, they shared that they were all pretty tech savvy and used social media regularly. They were merely sharing a story about a conversation with one of their nieces. Obviously, the Millennial niece thought their Baby Boomer aunt was in the stone ages. I wonder if the niece will edit what she writes in her accounts now that she knows her aunt is watching.

I was thrilled to see these 3 people having such a good experience with social media. Sometimes that is not the case but with them, there was nothing to fear about using it. I hope they found the Jefferson Airplane song they were talking about on YouTube. If not, I am sure the niece would guide them. As we were getting ready to leave, the man pulled out his flip phone. And yes, it had an antenna that you had to pull out to get signal. Old school, indeed.

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