March Came in Like a Lion


When I was a kid – and even as an adult with children in my life – the month of March started and ended as either a lion or a lamb. Coming or leaving as a lion meant the weather was cold, blustery and tumultuous. Coming or leaving as a lamb meant it was calm, mild and serene outside.

March 2013 certainly entered like a lion in South Florida. When I mentioned this to my friend who was born and raised in Venezuela, he looked at me like I was totally nuts. He was wondering where I encountered a lion in South Florida – perhaps it was roaming the streets and was in wait to pounce on me.

Um, no. There is/was no lion. It is just a figure of speech.

Living in South Florida has been a valuable learning experience for me as a person and an HR professional. Having been raised by Midwesterners in the Northeast and coming from a family that has been in the U.S. for several generations, I sometimes forget that not every country or region have the same colloquial intricacies that I grew up with. While not everyone knows that March comes and goes like two animals, everyone has some sort of childhood mnemonic to explain and rationalize weather, experiences and memories. It helps grow my mind and soul to hear others share their stories and history.

I wonder how March will end… If it ends as a lamb, I have promised my Venezuelan friend that we will have lamb one night for dinner to celebrate. I hope March ends as a lamb because if not I will have to look for a lion to eat!

Don’t forget to CELEBRATE!


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