Healthcare for EVERYONE?!

On June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States found the Affordable Care Act constitutional. This decision was long awaited by both sides of the aisle, healthcare providers and, of course, HR professionals and benefits administrators. While many employers had already implemented parts of the law including the lengthened coverage for adult children. However, the brunt of this law would start to become imperative in 2014 including the Insurance CO-OP and eradication of pre-existing condition clauses in existing healthcare plans. In fact, there will be (and, according to is currently available in some areas) Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan or a High Risk Pool.

But at what cost? The CO-Ops (Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans) will be available in Affordable Insurance Exchanges. These new competitive markets for health insurance will be administered on a state by state basis. Many states are in the planning stages. It won’t be long until these exchanges will have to be up and running. The planning stage grants given by the Federal government are valued up to $1 million and were offered to all states (but Alaska) and Washington, DC. This grant was the first of many that would become available for the creation of these exchanges.

The question is – will this plan work the way it is intended? Will EVERYONE be getting healthcare? I am sure there will be more to come on this ever changing healthcare initiative. As HR professionals, we need to be on top of the changes and how they will impact our employees, workplaces and communities. Are you ready?

Find out more and follow the progression of this law at

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