The Last Four Months

Life is a journey. I never would have thought that attending the HR Florida conference in August would change my life forever. A happenstance meeting led to a major relocation, new company (a great one at that!), new title and many personal life changes. Since my move, I have not only learned much about myself but I have learned what I know and what I thought I knew about HR!

For the last 4 months, I have been onboarding at my new employer, a major South Florida hospital system. I work in one of the smaller hospitals with a unique culture based on its geography. The transition has been a relatively easy one thanks to a great HR team and staff at the hospital. It is a wonderful feeling that my coworkers share my pride in our employer! While my new role mostly involves employee relations, I do have interactions with all other HR functionalities including my beloved total rewards. There are opportunities for growth and what can beat living in a tropical paradise! Over the last few months, I have witnessed and experienced how a fully integrated HR team works. Not only is our HR team highly valued by operations, we are involved in decision making that impacts the facility. It is an amazing experience to join senior leadership to drive the business. This is a new experience for me – one that I have dreamed about and has become reality.

I fully anticipate to return to posting blogs soon. That is once things settle in paradise!

Don’t forget to CELEBRATE!


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