TIP – Take My Breath Away

This post is not about not about love at first sight, exhaustion or even parachuting. It is about having fresh breath.

Use breath mints

I am a firm believer in fresh breath and perhaps I am addicted to breathe mints. My personal favorite choice comes in a red and white metal box and are curiously strong (can you guess which brand?). I usually buy them in bulk at my local warehouse discount store and keep a box in my desk and in my brief case. I also have a smaller tin that I refill to take to events and conventions. Fresh breath is detail (or perhaps not a detail!) that could spark a positive memory for those who meet you.  

Anyway, when I interview, meet with a manager, see an employee or leave my desk for a meeting I pop a mint in my mouth and happily proceed with confidence. I always feel better when I do.

Don’t forget to CELEBRATE!


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