TIP – Confirming the Interview

I am putting on my Recruiter hat and offering this tidbit of advice that I would be for in a potential applicant for my company. Here is a tip that might help some of you when you interview.

Confirm the interview

I notice things. Sometimes things go unnoticed by others but more often than not SOMEONE will notice even a minute thing. I believe one of the things that differentiates a good applicant from a great applicant is their own attention to the details. For example, any applicant that takes the extra few minutes to confirm their interview date has an “A” for effort in my book. There are very few times in my years of recruiting that an applicant actually emailed or called me to reconfirm their interview day and time prior to their scheduled date. Even if a short, professionally written email is sent to the interviewer to confirm is better than assuming the interview is still happening. What if somehow you wrote the time down wrong? Or the recruiter had an emergent situation that required them to be out of the office at the assigned time? They will appreciate you taking the time to confirm and note it mentally.

This small detail can indicate to the recruiter your seriousness about the position and that you respect their time. This may not always be possible but when it is try it and see what happens.


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