AAP – What’s the Plan?

I know AAP stands for “Affirmative Action Plan” but I sometimes refer to it as the “Always Around Plan” because no matter how we strategically recruit and diversify our searches we always have some sort of underutilization. Maybe you do, too. Here are some ideas I have been using to help meet our needs for our AAP.

First, I always post our positions with the SC Department of Employment and Workforce (SC DEW). They are an “official” diversity recruiting source that has access to minority and female candidates. Recently, we implemented an online Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Kenexa 2XBrassring, that allows external applicants to apply online. Prior to this system, the SC DEW would screen our applicants for us and provide us with the most qualified for the position. Using the SC DEW as a recruiting source is a great way to garner a wide range of candidates.

If your company requires more targeted sources, there are several options depending on where you are located and what types of positions for which you are recruiting. Where I am currently located, Coastal SC, there are some targeted sources but a recruiter has to really ferret them out sometimes. Of course I use the local Veteran’s outreach, Vocational Rehabilitation office and the SC School for the Blind, but I needed more and here’s what I did.

I usually have a penchant to remember things. And last year, we converted from the traditional paper I9 to the E-Verify system to confirm employee’s eligibility to work in the US. (Perhaps some of you have made the conversion and know what I went through.) Anyway, when we were auditing our files, we had to have some employees come in and redo their eligibility and bring in their forms of ID. One employee brought in their Native American Tribal documentation. This was rare and stuck in my mind so when I needed a targeted, diversity recruiting source, I contacted this employee. I explained what I wanted to do and this employee was more than happy to connect me with the Chief of their tribe. When I contacted the Chief, I was told that there were about over 500 members of the tribe and he could definitely help us find some candidates. I also offered to come out and present a resume and interviewing seminar to the members, if it would help. The Chief jumped right on that and we booked a day and time. So, I got a new recruiting source and a community outreach opportunity out of this one call (mining new recruiting sources and performing outreach activities are a part of my incentive goals.)

The moral of my story – you never know where you will find a connection. As many of us have learned, always value networking because leads and opportunities can come from some very unique, unforeseen places. This employee was as happy to help his people as he was to help me. It was a win-win and isn’t that what we always look for?

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